5 Fabulous Ways To Fix Stained Teeth!!

We all would love to be able to wake up and have those pearly whites like the stars, but most of us don’t have the funds to be able to Veneers or even Whiten our teeth on a regular basis. So I have done some checking for all of us and found a few things that may be helpful

Well I’m starting with age since I’m in my 40’s lol I figured its a great place to start.I found an at home whiting kit, As we age our enamel on our teeth begins to wear down, leaving our teeth more translucent and revealing the porous yellow tissue under the enamel. There are lots of at home whiting kits the one that I found to do the best job was Apa Beauty Apa White Duo reverse discoloration for an amazing smile.The whiting pen and strip duo rely on supercharged ingredients like carbamide peroxide to visibly whiten your teeth in a week . $150,apabeauty.com


If what your eating and drinking is the cause of your stained teeth you may want to try Charcoal  know I was like what, but food is the number one culprit for staining. Anything that will stain a white shirt can stain teeth, brushing with activated charcoal is like a Vitamin Activated Charcoal Tooth and Gum Powder, can brighten teeth. The powder’s adhesiveness allows it to bind bind to the surface stains and lift them off. The best part is it taste like spearmint. $9, invitamin.com

So what about if your a smoker we all know what that does to your teeth I found a whitening gel to from erase stains from nicotine and tar. The yellow and brown tobacco stains tend to effect to outer layer of the teeth, but don’t penetrate the underlying layer of dentin. You may want to try a mild peroxide like Sno32 P4 Daily Whitening Maintenance Gel to target the discolored enamel. This product wont irritate the gums like some others that are out on the market , and you can incorporate it into your daily routine you can just add it right on top of your toothpaste Holla 🙂

 There could be no better way than fruit to get those stains right off your teeth, I know your thinking fruit really yep in fact Apples can help clean and remove stain- producing substances. They can remove the bacteria that gets in between your teeth while scrubbing away surface stains. They have a fiber rich skin that makes them ideal for cleansing, while malic acid, a chemical used in teeth whitening  products, helps dissolve stains. Brushing and flossing and regular cleanings will keep stains at bay and are your best defense.

If all else fails and you just feel like nothing is working for you or maybe you have some other issues besides what we have talked about, my last option is Professional Whitening or Veneers So there are some medications out there that do cause dark enamel band which are harder to lighten. Professional whitening treatments use a light activated special gel that penetrates the enamel , or veneers thin porcelain shells placed over natural teeth to cover discolored teeth.