Beauty Trends For The New Year

Its that time of year the holidays are over and the New Year is almost here, everyone has been working on new products lines for the Spring and what new trend will it be for your skin this year. well I have a few of my Favs that I picked out just for you.   From a new way to detox your complexion to the latest way to get fuzz free skin                                                                                          beauty-trends

1) Yes ladies its Hyaluronic acid one of the most well regarded skin care ingredients . When its injected into the skin it plumps up wrinkle -laden and volume -deficient areas , moisturizers contain larger molecules of the acid that can be to big to penetrate the uppermost layer of the skin. Things are changing as there are now starting to formulate smaller molecules to put hyaluronic acid back into the spotlight .You can find a new version of the topical hyaluronic acid ,Eve Lom Brighting Mask, Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum to name a few

2)Ahh yes we all know about Dermaplaning right well guess what all its making its way into our homes, yes you heard me right our homes. Enter Dermaflash a handheld device inspired by dermaplaning Its amazing the professional version uses a scalpel to remove the dead skin, debris and peach fuzz. Other products use light , heat or a laser this one doesnt rather it uses a special edge subtle sonic vibration to eliminate dead skin and facial hair. Dermaflash the new trend that’s sweeping the hair right off your face and your makeup has never gone on your face more beautiful  . $189.00 at

3)In this new day of Beauty where less is more Women are finding more and more natural ways of taking back there youth, Tea who would’ve thought for all your concerns. One to make you loose weight, to detox, to clear up your skin and the best one of all to ward off the effects of aging. Behold there are facial teas which work by steeping the tea in hot water and then placing your face over the bowl so the steam can work its magic your skin. Facial teas are trending as we are shifting from a more rushed beauty routine to a more ritualized one . Facial teas help correct dry dull,dry, congested fatigued and aging skin . Thanks to all those good for your skin herbs – rose hip, calendula , chamomile and rosemary- that are anti inflammatory ,calming and energizing. These teas offer a natural beauty for skin to look radiant and look glowing.

  4) Finally some singled out products I think are amazing. beauty products are always about the right mix of ingredients to create the perfect formula. While the majority still follow that rule of thumb. Some brands are incorporating a less is more strategy, why you might ask because there is a movement to become more pure in the industry and in life. Case in point Khloris Botanical rose water which only  contains rose water and RMS Beauty “un” powder, which soley contains pure silica Dermatologist and doctors have said that the more ingredients that are in a single product the harder it is to determine what someone may or may not be allergic to. products with just one ingredient have a role in skin care to set a new standard in the beauty industry for people with skin sensitivity issues or allergies this could open up a  whole new market. You should also remember you may need to use multiple products as your skin does need vitamins and nutrients on a daily basis.

                                                        Hope this gets you all on your way XxMel