Cameron Dallas About To Take Over The World

Cameron Dallas where do I start. I watched his show that just came out on Netflix and yes I couldn’t stop, lol I binge watched it till 1am. This young man what he has done is amazing. A kid that would define himself in his freshman year of high school socially awkward the kid no one wanted to hang out with he was more shy and to himself, it seemed working on his computer and such. Sophomore year came around and then he met Chris his best friend things changed for Cameron it was as though Chris was the spark Cameron needed. But when Chris had to leave on his Mission it was extremely hard for Cam and how did he deal with it by posting a video. After he leaves for Cameron starts taking photos of himself and editing them almost as if he was modeling, hes doing videos on Vine, that was the social thing then and he started to get followers. But he was watching the analytical part of his social media sites when people where coming on when they were liking stuff things like that and within a year he had 8.3 million on Vine that’s the 11th largest ever now even though vine is no longer that’s where he got his start. Now with over 17.0 million instagram followers and that’s just to name one. I think he’s doing pretty well Watch out Kyle. You don’t have to be some big movie start you just have to have something people want and that’s a connection. I noticed he connects very tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640

well with his fans and when he is doing his videos on You Tube its as if your the only one hes talking

to, the great thing is he isn’t just appealing to a younger crowd he is keeping it within the 20 somethings. I loved the show and I think he’s great with doing what he did and to now be modeling for Calvin Klein sitting front row at a Dolce Gabbana show have Vanity Fair write an article about you do a few movies release a song. I think one of the things that I admire is that this young man does it all himself all his social media content, and that he doesn’t promote anything on his sites he wants to keep it as genuine as possible for the fans So this little boy from Chino is in the big town of LA working hard living the dream at 22 and very humble about it all Best of luck to you Xx Mel