General Fashion and Lifestyle Advice

Fashion is as old as mankind itself. Although the early man did not have much to choose from except from the various patterns on the skins of the animals that they used to cover themselves, they were fashioned minded people and this can be proved by the fact that they used shells and pieces of bright rock as necklaces and clips to decorate the hair. Today we have plenty of options to choose from. In fact what we are dealing with today is the problem of plenty. There is so much to choose from that we do not know which one to opt for.preview-big-fashion-lifestyle

Fashion is an important part of our lifestyle and in a way our lifestyle or the way we live determines the fashion that we follow. Both of them are complimentary and lifestyle is prime determinant of the fashion that we follow. For instance an athlete will have more of track suits and loose t shirts and jeans in the wardrobe and dresses will be a select few maybe for the special occasions. In the same manner a socialite will have a classified wardrobe with different spaces for the dresses, the accessories and shoes and much more. A regular teenager who goes to college will have a different set of college clothes and another set of clothes for party.

Thus we can conclude that lifestyle and fashion goes hand in hand. When your lifestyle changes your wardrobe also gets transformed to suit the needs of your life. Now the difficult part here is how do you maintain the lifestyle and still appear fashionable. The answer is very simple – Be You. It’s very important that not only what you wear is comfortable but you too should feel comfortable in the dress. Suppose you put on something which has a nice fit but you are not comfortable in it, then you will not be able to carry it and in the end you will not appear good.

It’s important to color co-ordinate your clothes but not all the time. Sometime it is better choice to not follow the set norms of the fashion and experiment. No doubt some of them may be the biggest disasters of your life but it’s fun and memorable. The key rule of appearing fashionable is not to try too hard and keep up with the current trend. We all are divas from within and if you show it off too often ten you may lose the charm. So surprise everyone once in a while and be comfortable with yourself and your clothes.

Following fashion is an art. Remember that do not copy you favorite movie star or the teen sensation blindly. If you do really like the fashion style of a particular person then observe him or her and adopt few of the things that you feel will suit you the best and then add a personal touch or flavor. It’s never nice to look like someone else it’s better to look unique. So in this manner your look will be inspired by your favorite star but it would still essentially be you.

The weather is also another important determinant of the fashion. If you stay in place that has mercurial temperatures as well as humidity stick to bright colors and the cotton fabrics. Opt for floral patterns and loose fit clothes. If the climate around your place is a little towards the cold side then layer your outfit. Team dark leggings with bright shirts and smart cut jackets and add the bling with the help of a colorful scarf and cute looking caps. Boots would also enhance the look.

Play with the colors and experiment. Never fear because it’s your fashion and you determine the rules. It’s good to pick up tips from your friends as well as public figures but remember copying a look is a strict no. one of the prime rules of fashion is that it should be unique. Let the fashion be truly yours and such that it is cool as well as comfortable. All through our lives a lot of people will provide you with a lot of fashion tips but only opt for those that suits to your needs. In different stages of our life we live different lifestyles so keep changing according to your lifestyle keeping in mind the fashion.