Kim K An “ICON” ?

Well if were keeping it real today how did Kim really become famous ? We all know the answer to that she did a sex tape with then lover Ray J in 2003,do they ever really get leaked come on people we weren’t born yesterday. I give her props for her Hustle cause her game is strong she has managed to catapult herself into a marketing genius, in 2005   she appeared on her brothers show The Princes of Malibu and that just gave her more exposure, besides the fact that she was hanging out with BFF Paris Hilton at the time that  didn’t hurt. In 2007 that tape was leaked in that same year her and her family were offered a reality show on the” E” network called “Keeping up with the Kardashians” . It has gone on to be one the biggest reality shows ever with spin offs and we don’t see any stopping in sight they have said when they feel they don’t want to do it or they feel the public doesn’t want it anymore they will stop but for now there happy. Kim has managed this time around with being pregnant and marrying Kayne keeping her life on TV a little more private, I think she knows she still has to gives a little but after that 72 day marriage, I think she learned something about being in the public eye and the cost of all this fame . Well now she has a husband and a daughter she is by far the most photographed stars and is being compared to  Marylin  Monroe. I think people get offended by that but what they need to understand is that in reference to all of the attention the needing to know what shes doing the infatuation with her it is the same. Yes there lives are different Kim is Famous due to other circumstances, the only difference I really see is is Kim doesn’t drink really and shes not really an actress but being a Marylin fan myself the similarities are there I hate to admit it 🙁 I think the people who are always hating are just jealous, this young woman has worked hard with her sisters and by herself on things to get her where she is today. They have stores,clothing line,makeup,fragrances,shoes baby clothes you name it they have done it she has gone above and beyond all of that on her own I think she deserves a little credit. Then we come to today’s news the Papermag spread well everyone is talking about it here is my take the pics are nice but if you were going to go all the way why not do something like Playboy and give the money you get to charity? so you have to ask yourself what she is thinking or is she? now that’s the Marylin we knew. So the world waits to see what Mrs. West has planned next Xx Mel