Straight Outta Compton “NWA”

Well  I must say I didn’t expect this 2 1/2 hour film to end the way that it did, I found myself wanting more of Dr Dre and Ice Cubes story after NWA those were teasers making me want more. Like the Eminem story,50 cent and beats by Dre also all that Ice Cube did I feel that we didn’t get into the story about Easy E and Jerry Heller enough and his HIV as those were very relevant back then to what was happening in there rise to fame. So from this this girl that that was raised in the 70s listening to people like MC Lyte to Public Enemy, T Pac to TLC this era in the 80s and 90s was the best Hip Hop had ever seen, and NWA was huge part of it Dr Dre is a pioneer is this history of Rap and where it has come. It looks like there will be a sequel in the works, I hope they touch more on what there individual accomplishments were. Its still number 1 at the box office so there doing something right. Just remember life’s struggles are each individuals own, focus on the positivity and not the negativity as these young men. No one is perfect and each of us has there own faults but that’s not for us to judge Xx Mel 🙂