The 101 on Makeup Things you never knew !!!

Getting general makeup tips for different occasions is the best idea because you do not want to wear the same type of makeup on every occasion. Different types of makeups differ with the occasion for example; the makeup that you wear on birthday parties and wedding should be completely different form the one which you wear for

Makeup tips & tricks tells you; to use the right foundation that matches your natural skin, use shimmers on your eyes so that they can look fresh & bright and use concealers to hide any blemish on your skin. All these tips address you how you should wear your makeup. However there are several things which you should be aware off in order to get the best results after applying your makeup as illustrated below:

Tip no 1

Whatever makeups you want to use ensure that someone else has ever used it and it is approved by the necessary authorities for use, because, you do not want to end up with spots all over your face due the side effects. There are many low quality products which are have flood our market today and the only way to avoid them is only to ask for recommendation from the experts in this field. Experts are able to differentiate the counterfeits and original products since most of them have been proving beauty services for long.

Tip no 2

Only apply makeup when your face is clean and using a moisturizer is the best way to keep your skin moisturized and fresh

Tip no 3

When you are in the beauty store choosing foundation, ensure that you have enough time to choose the one that matches your skin tone. Foundation is applied on your whole face therefore, it is important to ensure that your face does not look different with the rest of your body.

Tip no 4

Many people do not know the time which you should give before applying makeup on your face; make sure you have given your skin enough time to absorb moisturizer before applying your makeup. By doing this you will allow you make to be absorbed by your skin well and cover it much better. Over time, you will be using less foundation hence you will be saving your money while looking better.

Tip no 5

To clean your dry lips, apply lip color or lipstick. Sometimes, you might be tempted to apply lip balm before applying your favorite lipstick in order to moisturize your lips but this is not advisable because when you do so, the lipstick that you apply will be sitting on the lip balm. Therefore, your entire product will come off after a short while. Apply your lip balm before you retire to bed in order to moisturize your lips & get them ready for your favorite lipstick in the next day.

Tip no 6

Make sure you have spent your money only on professional makeup brushes, because they are of high quality compared to the regular ones which are low quality. Therefore, high quality brushes give you the best results.

Tip no 7

Before leaving your house, confirm with someone in the house if you are looking “normal.” This is important because you can correct any mistake before you leave your house.

Tip no 8

When you want to put lip gross, it’s important first to put some colors underneath. You can do this by using your lips liner before you applying the lip gloss. It is important to use a liner that is shade darker than your natural lips. Color your lips completely before you apply your lip gloss.

Tip no 9

Taking care of your eye brows is among those makeup tips which many people ignore. Ensure that they are waxed or tweezed in the perfect shape in order to look great. Another thing to do is to ensure that you have brushed your eye brows everyday when you are doing your makeup. A nice eye brow brush will work well for this. Sometimes, you can even use a brow gel in order to set them in place.

Tip no 10

Do not ever try to overdo your makeup because you will only end up removing the whole makeup. If something is missing, you can add it later.

By reading and understanding the above makeup tips, you will always get the best results after applying your makeup.