Thor – The Dark World (2013) Movie Review

Marvel Universe released Thor as the must see movie that has generated a lot of interest in recent times. Living up to the expectations, the period saga managed to gain a handful of reviews with unique features included in it. Thor from Disney is the ultimate visualization of the heroics of Thor, the Mighty Avenger. The basic objective is to save planet Earth along with nine celestial bodies in order to ensure maximum protection on an overall. It is all about the scintillating display of fights by Thor against the evil Malekith. No wonder then that his return is bound to spell doom for the entire universe.thor-preview-big

Dark Elves is a mysterious cult that existed several thousands of years before looking forward to send the universe into darkness with the help of a weapon known as Aether. Skillful warriors from Asgard are known to find their way into the enemy camp by restricting the enemy successfully. However, their leader Malekith escapes unscathed to seek revenge in the future. This exceptional saga has been visualized in the most prolific manner by the ace director Alan Taylor. Later, the heroics of Odin and Asgard too were not enough to contain the enemy with the ultimate choice left to Thor to tame the enemies successfully.

Luckily, Asgard warriors find the weapon Aether that which try to hide desperately as it cannot be destroyed. That reflects the past leaving behind several doubts that whether Melekith could be countered successfully. Unwinding this beautiful story requires a lot of melodramatic events through which it is possible to experience the best results on an overall. As for the current story, Jane Foster expects the return of Thor so anxiously that the two-year wait too seem to be nothing. Eventually, Thor has to emerge giving a ray of hope saving the universe in a successful manner.

During her tryst of discovering the anomaly associated with Thor’s emergence, Foster even finds out a wormhole that is responsible for all the events that have been taking place. Meanwhile, it is initially Thor who expresses his desire to return to Earth in order to successfully taken on the problematic issues. Though Jane made disappear crucial events associated with all the nine realms, Thor through Heimdall was still able to witness all of them in a clear and concise manner. Eventually, it is the noble objective of Thor regarding the provision of peace in a perfect way.

Jane and Thor both return to Earth almost simultaneously. It is because of the dubious appearance of both of them that the local police try to arrest them. However, the energy contained by Jane was so powerful that even they could any problematic scenario without costing any additional issues on an overall. Eventually, Thor succeeds in bringing back Jane to Asgard from where a wide range of saga details unfold offering more interest for the viewers to go through further about accomplishing the mission. Scintillating performances from the lead cast is the biggest advantage of this artistic film containing best features.

With what thought to be as the classic case of battleship from the times of Bor, father of Odin, to that of Thor, it all appeared to be so majestic how successive battles are won with good winning over evil. Scintillating display of the some of the scenes will leave the viewers spellbound. For instance, Thor’s return to Asgard after Loki’s episode makes Odin aghast for a while. However, it is pure coincidence that Odin takes the shape of Loki with a perfect transformation of character and personality on an overall.

As for the performances, Chris Hemsworth’s depiction as Thor is the highlight of the film. Disney has left no scope for any loopholes barring a few such as the appearance of a walkie-talkie during the initial shooting of the movie. Natalie Portman plays her character with aplomb and perfectly fits into the shoes of Dr. Jane Foster. Producer Kevin Feige rightly mentions that Thor film has been something unique with respect to the earlier films like Thor and The Avengers. Absolute majesty has been displayed throughout whether it is the characterization, direction or acting. All these creative features make Thor a must watch film for sure, which is running already to packed houses.


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