Sutter & Hunnam What A Team Whats Next?

Kurt Sutter this guy what else cant he do, coming off his hugely popular FX series Sons Of Anarchy this writer, producer, screenwriter, director and actor. His resume speaks for itself from the Shield to now the Bastard Executioner on FX set to have there 2 hour premier in Sept 2015 . To top it all off still cant get enough of Sutter well SOA fans yes the rumors are true there is a spin off in the works the Mayans are set to ride , But it wont be the same without out our Charlie Hunnam .He has been a very busy man playing King Arthur and I guess that Sutter wants him to play the leading role for a film he wants to do, but he is book solid for the next 3 years, and sorry girls just found out hes engaged to his long time girlfriend Morgana:( so we will see what the future holds .I’m excited about all it. Check out the trailer for The Bastard Executioner below 🙂 Much Love Xx Mel