Fast 8 Is Coming!

With Spring right around the corner Vin Diesel and the gang couldn’t leave us hanging during Super bowl?. They had to add yet another trailer to the suspense before the big day in April and you only get 1.11 seconds so soak it up fans it’s gonna be great 

Cameron Dallas About To Take Over The World

Cameron Dallas where do I start. I watched his show that just came out on Netflix and yes I couldn’t stop, lol I binge watched it till 1am. This young man what he has done is amazing. A kid that would define himself in his freshman year of high school socially awkward the kid no one wanted to hang out […]

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Beauty Trends For The New Year

Its that time of year the holidays are over and the New Year is almost here, everyone has been working on new products lines for the Spring and what new trend will it be for your skin this year. well I have a few of my Favs that I picked out just for you.   From a new way to […]

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