Ms Kylie Jenner “A Force to Be Reckoned with “

Ms Kylie Jenner is all grown up, from a fashion line with her sister to modeling and still on that show we  are all addicted to the Kardashians  this is one busy 17 year. She just made a major milestone recently with over 12 million followers on Instagram she is a force to be reckoned with, The photo I’m posting I think its a record she set for the most likes there should be a medal or at least a scratch and sniff   . She has also been rumored to be dating Tyga they have been seen out on several Hollywood hot spots. So with all this pressure to follow in her famous family’s  footsteps and now her parents getting a divorce how will she stay grounded? She has an amazing support system and is very humble . With all that she has going for her, the book that they just released Rebels: City Of Indra has been a bit under whelming for sales, but they wanted to do something that was different from the norm for them.  I think what people expected was a book about there life. Sorry folks maybe we will get the Jenner girls to give us a little piece of there life next time 🙂  I cant wait to see whats next for this Jenner girl Happy Saturday everyone tell someone you love them Xx Mel 🙂

Kylie Jenner Amazing young woman

Kylie Jenner
Amazing young woman