Healthy Food & Exercise Tips for Women

Healthy eating plan for women is important since women have more nutritional needs than men. Us a woman our body undergoes different changes that result to weight gain. Nevertheless, finding a healthy eating plan can be a bit challenging but this article will explain some food which we should eat and type of exercise that we should be doing in order to keep our body healthy.preview-big-health-tips
Reduce alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol is known to reduce fat burning rate in our body because the liver takes a lot of time to detoxify it. Hence, food will be digested at a slower rate. On the other hand, caffeine changes our hormone level and this may result to calcium loss. Proper diet should include plenty iron since is essential for our body.
Boost your energy & control craving

Women should include those foods which control craving in their diet and also gives more energy. Therefore, they should eat complex carbohydrates in order to get health benefits. These include foods such as sweet potatoes, whole grains just to mention a few. In addition, they should reduce junk food intake in order to keep their blood sugar level normal.
Exercise tips

Workout is important to keep your body fit. However, it’s important to check with your doctor before following any exercise program. It’s possible to get your dream body by only taking workout for a few minutes during the day. You do not have to exercise for hours in order to achieve your goals. Thirty minutes in a day are enough for you. Fortunately, this article part will explain workout tips which will enable you to achieve your goal easily.
1. Intersperse high-intensity workouts with lower-intensity ones.

A person can perform this in two-ways. You can do high intensity workouts daily or you can pump-up the intensity during-your regular workout. For example your routine exercises can include the following;
Walking on-the-treadmill-for 30 minutes at three-miles-per-hour for three days in the week that is Monday, Wednesday & Friday. You can pick up your pace on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday.
Walking-on the treadmill for twenty minutes at four miles/hour but after an interval of ten minutes you can increase your pace.
Note, it’s important to increase your-endurance before you increase-the intensity of-your-workout.
2. Combine cardio-with strength training

This is among the best workout tips since you can be able to burn more calories in your body than any other form of exercise. In addition, you can cut your workout-time in half.
3. Mix it up

In case you enjoy your-exercise routine that is great of you. However, if you like it because it has become easy for you then, you have a problem. Your body will get used to those exercises which you perform daily and become very efficient. At that point, it’s important to mix different exercise routine up. Intersperse walking with jogging, swimming with tennis just -to-mention a few.
4. Consume more proteins

Proteins are body building food and one of the requirements of workout is to eat lots of proteins. Protein is important for rebuilding our muscles. Therefore, ensure that you have included enough proteins in your diet.
5. Eat curbs

Curbs are required to give you energy just like how you need protein to build your muscles. Eating a well ripen banana everyday before your exercise is important in order to give your body enough energy for your workout.